''Yaso'' Tempranillo Toro 4 months Oak Barrel
Size: 750 ml     SKU: TSV-YASO-14

Brisios Tempranillo 4 months Oak Barrel 2014
Size: 750 ml     SKU: TSV-BRTMP-14

It drank clean with aromas of red and black fruits. Flavors included sweet black fruit, chocolate notes and subtle herb spices.

Trempranillo Secret wines 2014
Size: 750 ml     SKU: BWUS-R6-6010

4 Puntos Cardinales Chardonnay 2016
Size: 750 ml     SKU: EDSP-W-0010

A nice full, fresh, peachy style. Sweet cashew nose with a malty character. The palate is rich, ripe, sweet and flavoursome.

4 Puntos Cardinales Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
Size: 750 ml     SKU: EDSP-R-0010

Red color, very intense. Aromas of black and red fruits and a hint of green pepper. Very elegant and perfect full bodied wines, has good tannin a long-balanced finish.

Monteleiva 100% Tempranillo Reserva
Size: 750 ml     SKU: TSV-MNTRS-11

Monteleiva 100% Tempranillo Crianza
Size: 750 ml     SKU: TSV-MNTCR-13

Monteleiva 100% Tempranillo Young
Size: 750 ml     SKU: TSV-MNTJV-15

Haritz Young White Wine
Size: 750 ml     SKU: BOSP-W6-1110

100% Viura

Tasting notes : Yellow-green colour and brilliant. Intense fruit aroma. Fresh, silky, with balsamic hints and a good acidity.

Haritz Young Red Wine
Size: 750 ml     SKU: BOSP-R6-1010

100% Tempranillo

Tasting notes : A black cherry with intense violet hues coloured wine. Highlighted, on the nose are ripe red and black fruits, minerals and blue flowers. Fine and exquisite on the palate as it is fleshy, fragrant, and full bodied.

Numbered Edition 08175 Garnacha Rose
Size: 750 ml     SKU: TSV-OTLRSE-750

Numbered Edition 07654 Viura White
Size: 750 ml     SKU: TSV-OLTWHT-750

Numbered Edition 10999 Tempranillo Red
Size: 750 ml     SKU: TSV-OLDRED-750

Size: 750 ml     SKU: TSV-BAD-12

La Petite Agnes
Size: 750 ml     SKU: TSV-LPA-14

Blend 50% Garnacha 50% Carinena 4 Months Oak Barrel

Tasting notes : An elegant Priorat expression of tremendous value made from the Finca la Solana Single Vineyard at Bodegas Cal Grau. The traditional blend is opaque ruby in color. Benchmark smoky minerals on the nose from the region's Licorella or black slate soils, combine with ripe blackberries and dark berry licorice. Having been aged in exclusively French oak for 6 months, the mouth feel is seamless in texture with polished velvety tannins.

Yaso Tempranillo Toro
Size: 750 ml     SKU: TSV-YASO-14

Tasting notes : The wine tastes smooth, rich, dry and spicy with wonderful vanilla, chocolate, caramel and licorice notes and has a bit of a chalky texture. It ends dry with good length, lots of tart fruit and a nice balsamic edge. 

Sed de Cana Ribera del Duero Tempranillo
Size: 750 ml     SKU: TSV-SDC-12

Tasting notes : Fruity, floral (violet) aromas on elegant, mineral, balsamic and spicy notes. This wine is wide,juicy and voluminous, and with a fine tour full of expression and balance. Long end and very exciting.

Ribera del Duero Brisios Tempranillo
Size: 750 ml     SKU: TSV-BRTMP-14

Rosita Beer Stout Alc 7.0% - 11fl.oz (33cl) VEGAN
Size: 33cl-11oz     SKU: SPUS-B330-24-04

Stout style ale brewed with 4 different malts.
Crafted in Tarragona, Spain
Size: 11oz.
7% Alcohol

Tasting Note: Fine Mediterranean Ale brewed with 4 different malts. With a brown, cloudy and a light appearance that gives a dark color to its thicker foam. Toasted caramel and coffee aromas prepare our mouth for a smoky flavor of cereal and caramel notes. Very light and refreshing.

Rosita Beer White IPA Alc 4.7% - 11fl.oz (33cl) VEGAN
Size: 33cl-11oz     SKU: SPUS-B330-24-03

White India Pale Ale brewed with juniper berries
Crafted in Tarragona, Spain
Size: 11oz.
4.7% Alcohol

Tasting Note: Fine Mediterranean White IPA brewed with juniper berries. Pale and light looks. The hoppy aromas give a forward character, right before a clean resin starts to appear, along with floral aromatics. Savory juniper berries on the taste. Refreshing beer with subtle complexity.

Rosita Blond Ale IPA - Beer
Size: 33cl-11oz     SKU: SPUS-B330-24-01

Blonde Ale brewed with honey
Crafted in Tarragona, Spain
Size: 11oz.
5.5% Alcohol

Tasting Note: Fine Mediterranean Blonde Ale brewed with a hint of honey. Cloudy appearance, medium to low ivory-colored foam. With fruity aromas on the nose and banana and apple notes on the mouth. The honey reduces the bitterness of the taste so it leads to an elegant and refreshing finish on the palate. Light but consistent.

Chafandin Tempranillo (Limited Production) 19 Months Oak Barrel
Size: 750 ml     SKU: TSV-CHAF-13

Varietal: Tempranillo 100%

Tasting Notes: The grapes comes exclusively from the Chafandín plot, 100% Tempranillo (Tinto Fino) and whose vineyard is around 40 years old. It is an extraordinary grapes, small diameter, with a thicker skin which gives the concentration increasing in the maceration. The malolactic take place in new French oak barrels of 300 liters and then the wine remains in the same barrel aging for as long as deemed appropriate (depending on the vintage), typically between 15 to 20 months. The Wine has intense aromas of ripe black fruit, minerality and fine woods. The palate is very spacious with large volume of fruit and travel, and finishes with a lingering aftertaste.

Brisio Roble 13 Months - Ribera del Duero
Size: 750 ml     SKU: TSV-BRTMP6PK

Varietal: 90% Tempranillo (locally known as Tinto Fino), 2% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 8% Merlot

Wine Making: Fermentation 12 days in 3.000 liters tanks at 26 C Temperature, and aging 16 months in new French and 1 year old French oak 300 liters Barrels

Tasting Notes: This Estate wine his made from the grapes of multiple plots of the estate. Different wines are assembled after aging around 15 months in new and second year oak cask. The main grape varietal is Tempranillo, with a small portions of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The nose develops aromas of fruits of the forest on balsamic and menthol notes, with spicy notes and fine woods. The palate is wide, balanced with a lingering fruity aftertaste and retronasal mineral character

Rioja Goren Bodega Benetakoa 2011
Size: 750 ml     SKU: BOSP-R6-1310

Varietal: Tempranillo 100%

Tasting Notes: Intense black cherry in colour. Aromas of wild berries, herbs, complex minerals, and elegant ageing on the background. Full flavoured, well balanced with a long lasting finish, adding structure and character.

Rioja Carlos Martinez D Canas Crianza 2013
Size: 750 ml     SKU: BOSP-R6-1210

Varietal: Tempranillo 100%

Tasting Notes: Ripe black cherry coloured. Scented with red and black fruit, spices, with an earthy and balsamic background. Full bodied, rich, lingers on the palate with pleasant silky fruity notes.