French Beers

CH'TI Amber Alc 5.9% VEGAN
Size: 33cl-11oz     SKU: EDFR-B330-12-03

Flavor with notes of pears, perfumy wood, red apple puree, wheat, distant toasted and glucose. Dry aftertaste with a mild bitterness.

Ch'ti Beer Blonde Alc 6.4% Vegan
Size: 33cl-11oz     SKU: EDFR-B330-12-02

Colour: Blonde

Appearance: White, full and persistent head. Fine bubbles.

Nose: Grain, floral hops and notes of citrus.

Taste: Supple and sweet initial taste. The alcohol is pleasantly balanced by the sweetness of CH’TI Blonde. Subtly bitter aftertaste. Real finesse and thirst-quenching freshness.

How is it best enjoyed? In a special CH’TI glass, rinsed and not dried, at a temperature of +/-6°C

Cadette Beer Blonde Alc 5.0% Vegan
Size: 33cl-11oz     SKU: EDFR-B330-12-01

Colour: Blonde

Appearance: Fine, white lacey head.

Nose: Malt and grain.

Taste: Melt-in-the-mouth texture. Harmonious balance of grain, malt and hops. Refined and pleasantly bitter aftertaste.

How is it best enjoyed? In a special La Cadette glass at a temperature of +/-6°C